Social Media Marketer Professional Course

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The social media marketers training can offer value to individuals that wish to become an entrepreneur or freelances/part-timers to earn extra income. Covid-19 had basically changed the lifestyle and consumer behaviors from offline to online and hence businesses need to transform to the new norms as well in order to sustain the business. The requirement of knowledge & competency of employees skillset would be also different and the basic knowledge of digital marketing had become vital due to the changes. The courses will be able to assist SME employees and employees to learn about digital marketing knowledge to sustain and continue improvement in the business.

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Negotiation With The Devil

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Negotiation is one of the most crucial skills anyone can learn and if you are able to master it, you can be assured of greater success in every aspect of your work and life.

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Green Lean Overview

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Going Green is an essential part of attaining ecological sustainability and ensuring a continued and ongoing existence of any business system. Lean Green has the necessary framework and tools to achieve sustainable operations working towards reduced carbon footprint and sustainability.

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Industry 4.0 Overview

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Transformation and dynamism in the current day business world has become more and more complex and is moving towards being highly automated and data-driven. The industry is moving towards the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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VUCA World Leadership

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Today’s organizations need charismatic leaders who can take their team to higher levels of performance. The select few who can ignite a fire in their team and transform organizations. Leaders who can LEAD LIKE AN EAGLE IN A VUCA WORLD and Soar to greater heights.

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Conflict Management

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Conflicts in the workplace lead to a negative outcome in relationships leading to disharmony and eventually loss of productivity. A major reason for stress and organizational ineffectiveness is the ability to manage and resolve differences of opinions, views, and conflicts. A necessary skill set to have in any Leader is the ability to maintain harmony, productivity, and work satisfaction by managing conflicts. Conflicts can sometimes exist in an organization without being noticed or handled until it turns into a team breaker and a hindrance to achieving organizational goals and vision.

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Stakeholder Management

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A key element is the success of strategies, projects, and change is the understanding and managing of all the relevant stakeholders and managing their needs and involvement. Stakeholder needs are a critical part of creating a good strategy. Involving all stakeholders is essential in projects.

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Leading With Omoiyari

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Omoiyari is a Japanese concept and a way of thinking and acting towards oneself and others. Social skills in today’s digital era have become highly important as leaders now play a role model to empower and bring out the best in the new millennials.

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