Strategic Planning with Hoshin & AI

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Hoshin Kanri is a proven strategic planning and execution model used by Toyota to plan and achieve improvements and growth in all the above 3 requirements. It is a powerful, systematic Strategic Planning/Management methodology that is used to create goals, choose control measures, and link daily control activities to the company's strategy. Appreciative Inquiry approach has the power to unleash your organization’s potential in times of change. At the heart of Appreciative Inquiry, is an energizing and inclusive design that fosters creativity through the art of positive inquiry.

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Design Thinking

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Design Thinking course aims to train and provide skills of becoming an Innovator and Creative Problem Solver. It teaches the Learner how to use the Formal Design Thinking Process, to understand customers better, and to Innovate & provide creative solutions in Product, Process, and Services.

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The Industry 4.0 Review

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This training sets the basic understanding of what the 4th Industrial Revolution is all about, its various Pillars, and how leadership should facilitate the transformation. It also provides the skillset to assess an organization's Industry 4.0 readiness.

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Crisis Management

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This course explores and teaches strategies, methods, and the process of managing abnormal situations in operations. It provides the essential skill-set to ensure that the operational crisis is well monitored, well attended to, and resolved within the shortest time possible.

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