KPI Management

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The success and progress of any organization's plans and mission must be measured and it's effectiveness must be analyzed. Key Performance Indicators course provides a clear understanding of critical business measurements and methods of managing these measurements to steer organization action teams towards success. It provides the framework for making necessary decisions along the journey of achieving organizational goals.

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Strategy with Appreciative Inquiry

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Creating a strategy and executing it does not always give the best business outcome in the fastest needed time. Most strategies and plans spend too much valuable effort to fill in gaps and strengthen weaknesses in the organization. This course on strategy with Appreciative Inquiry uses explores and teaches the power of using positive strength in an organization and using this strength to achieve goals and targets faster and with greater engagement of all levels of people in the organization.

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Strategic Foresight and VUCA World Leadership

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In this current day and time, the business world is clouded with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA). Special skills are needed to lead an organization in this scenario. This course is aimed at providing Leaders with the ability to analyze trends, have a clear foresight of changes in the world, and lead amidst complexity and uncertainty.

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Strategic Planning and Visioning

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Strategic Planning is a systematic method of planning for the future build of an organization. It involves the creation of vision, mission, and value that will enable the organization to succeed and grow. In this course, you will learn methods of establishing clear achievable goals & direction, align organizational goals with departmental objectives, and establish a sustainable growth plan and business opportunity for the organization.

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