Microsoft Excel – Formulas & Function

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This training demystifies formulas and some of the most challenging of the nearly 400 functions in Excel and shows how to put them to their best use. The course reviews the building-block functions, along with a few critical keyboard shortcuts that will speed up working with Excel data. It also covers on how to tabulate data with counting, statistical, and math functions, reformat data with text functions, and work with financial data using advanced formulas.

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Key Account Management

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Many businesses realized the importance of retaining existing customers and getting repeated business from the existing customers but most of them are struggling to build customer loyalty. This workshop provides step-by-step guidance to salespeople on how to ask questions to understand the client’s business, how to analyze the data & think strategically to create a key account action plan to influence the key customers, and building the business partnering relationship.

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Consultative Selling: Win Your Customers

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This 2-day Consultative Selling Negotiation Program teaches your team the mindset and skills needed to reach the best win-win solutions for your company and your customers and improve sales pricing and profitability. When your team has done the sales negotiations right, it can strengthen your relationship with your customers instead of weakening them.

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Increase Sales with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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The evolution of the economy and technology has changed the customer’s expectations and increase business competitions. So, have you changed the way you sell? Have you ever wondered what are the tools, techniques, and skills needed for a salesperson to be successful in today’s economy? What are the top 20% of salespeople doing differently than the 80% that barely make quota?

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