Lean Tools Training

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This training teaches the technical know-how of critical Lean tools such as Poka-yoke, Visual Systems, Quick Changeover, Inventory Management, Standardized Work, Layout & Cell Systems, and Lean Industrial Engineering Methods. This is the critical skill set to bring about the initial layer of improvement in any organization.

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TWI Job Method Improvement and Job Instructions

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Training Within Industry (TWI) is a proven methodology of enabling supervisors to be in control of shop-floor through Instruction, Job Method Improvement, and Employee relationship. This training ensures that front-line leaders are equipped with correct job skills, are always thinking about and improving quality, cost, safety delivery, and productivity of products or services in the workplace. It also teaches methods of process improvement, conducting effective training, and relating well with employees.

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Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis

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Any organization which aims to improve their processes and quality needs to solve problems and close identified gaps. This training shows the systematic process of Solving Problems in the workplace and the methods of identifying Root causes of problems and eliminating them. It shows methods of how to take corrective action to Problem and prevent future recurrence.

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Succession Planning

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Any organization that wants continuity of growth, organizational culture, and long-term strategy needs to plan and prepare the next set of leaders of various levels. This course teaches the approach of identifying, training and preparing the next level leaders in an organization.

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