Kaizen Methodologies

About Kaizen Methodologies

A key concept of Lean is the process of continuous improvement and eliminating hindrances to value creation. This course teaches the concept of continuous incremental improvement and waste elimination. It provides skills for facilitating continuous improvement activities and cycles in operations.

Course Duration

21 Hours

Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Technicians
  • Engineers

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn skills to improve productivity
  • Learn problem-solving process and methods
  • Learn how to facilitate continuous improvement cycles
  • Learn formal PDCA process and shop-floor process improvement methods

Programme Outline

Why Kaizen- An Introduction
  • Problems and Gaps
  • Definition of Kaizen
  • Understanding Flow and Waste
  • Kaizen and Toyota Production system
The kaizen cycle
  • The Toyota Kata
  • The PDCA approach
  • Understanding Goals and planning for Improvement
  • The Go and See approach (Genchi Genbutsu)
  • Setting the Kaizen Milestone
Mapping the Process
  • Basics of Value Stream mapping
  • Process at a Glance map
  • The 5W & 1 H
  • The A-3 improvement process
Root Cause Analysis
  • Ishikawa & Why-Why
  • The Seven QC Tools
Improvement Methods and Tools
  • Job Method Improvement
  • Shop-floor efficiency: Takt Time, Line Balancing, Crew Size improvement, Motion Improvement
The Coaching Cycle
  • The Visual Performance Boars
  • The coaching Process
  • The A3 improvement monitoring and progress
Facilitating Kaizen
  • Kaizen teams
  • Kaizen week or event facilitation
  • Performance and progress Management
  • Leadership Behaviours



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