3 Reasons Why Online Learning is Here To Stay

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Online learning has been around for ages. However, ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, more and more people have dipped their toes into the idea of online learning. Most of them are either everyday Malaysians who are stuck at home due to MCO and have taken this free time to upskill themselves or employees whose HR department has switched their training online. This mass exposure to online learning has made us realize that online learning could be a long term solution to our learning needs and here is why.

It’s Just Easier

The biggest advantage of online learning is the ability to learn at your own pace. This is very difficult to do with physical learning as it involving a group of people following a fixed and time-sensitive curriculum. With online learning, however, you are able to do your course anytime and anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection. Instead of a standard classroom, you are able to learn in an environment that you are most comfortable in. This will be of great benefit especially when taking quizzes and exams. Finally, you will not need to invest in expensive and heavy textbooks and most materials can be downloaded and read on your device.

More Interactive

Interactivity is a very important aspect when it comes to learning. Being able to interact with the learning materials will keep you interested to learn. This is very easily achieved with online learning. In online learning platforms, you are usually in a class with like-minded people who are interested to learn the same topic as you. This creates a community where students can interact, discuss, and share ideas. You are also able to interact with the coach or trainer more frequently and they will be accountable to answer your questions for the duration of the course. Also, the user interface on these online learning platforms is usually very interactive and user friendly that you will be motivated to completed any assignments and quizzes assigned.


Whether its a corporate training or a personal training program, the price difference between online training and physical training cannot be more polar. Physical training involves the additional cost of a venue, materials, and meals. When accumulated, these additional costs are quite significant. Online training does involve cheaper startup cost so it is cheaper for the consumers and in most cases, the training can be viewed more than one time.

Online learning has now become commonplace especially since the spread of the pandemic and it is bound to stay even when the restrictions on social gatherings loosen.

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