Consultative Selling: Win Your Customers

About Consultative Selling: Win Your Customers

Sellers today must work harder than ever to reach the final stage in pursuing a sale: The Negotiation. Therefore, the urge to close can overwhelm other considerations, namely price. At that moment, many sellers concede to pricing pressure, rather than explore the customer’s underlying needs to protect the value of the sale.   McKinsey’s research shows that a 1% increase in discount results in an 8% decrease in operating margin. However, research shows that this price concession isn’t necessary. In fact, in many cases, customers are willing to pay more. In a survey, 82% of respondents stated they “strongly agree” that they would pay an average of 4.2% more for a “high-quality” product. By controlling perceptions of value, negotiators can preserve or even increase the deal size. This 2-day Consultative Selling Negotiation Program teaches your team the mindset and skills needed to reach the best win-win solutions for your company and your customers and improve sales pricing and profitability. When your team has done the sales negotiations right, it can strengthen your relationship with your customers instead of weakening them.

Course Duration

2 Days

Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Supervisor
  • Sales Professional

What Will You Learn?

  • Sell the value of your solutions and reduce price pushback
  • Lead masterful sales negotiations that lead to win-win solutions for you and your customers
  • Avoid critical mistakes in the negotiation process that kill credibility and the sale
  • Win against lower-priced competitors

Programme Outline

“Module 1: Sales Negotiation Mindset
  • Negotiation Challenge: To Uncover Your Negotiation Mindset and Habit
  • Avoiding Common Negotiation Pitfalls
  • The 6 Key Elements for A Successful Negotiation – Mindset, Skills, Information, Analyzing, Strategy and Emotion
  • Creating an Empowering Mindset for Success in Negotiation
  Module 2: Influence and Persuade Different Buying Styles of Customer
  • Self-Assessment: Understand Your DiSC® Sales Style & Negotiation Style
  • Know Your ‘Fears’ and Limitation in Sales Negotiation
  • How to Overcome Your ‘Fears’ to Increase Your Power in Negotiation?
  • Recognizing & Understanding Different Customer Buying Styles & Negotiation Styles
  • How to Influence and Persuade Different Buying Styles of Customer In Negotiation
  Module 3: Crucial Skills for Effective Sales Negotiation
  • Questioning Strategy – Levels and Types of Questions to Encourage Customers to Think More Deeply and Critically
  • Handling Resistance and Objections
  • Managing Deadlock Situation in Negotiation
  • Managing the Atmosphere and Environment in Negotiation
  Module 4: Sales Negotiation Preparation
  • Information Gathering – Know Your Counterparty and Competitors
  • Identify Underlying Aims and Needs (Underlying Interests)
  • Customer Analysis – To Determine Your Negotiation Positioning
  • Set Your Negotiation Goal & Negotiation Strategy
  • Developing Your Concession Strategies and Tactics
  • Strategies to Increase Your Power & Positioning In Negotiation
  • Strategies to Negotiate with Different Characters of Customer
  Module 5: In the Room: Proposing & Bargaining
  • Opening – Begin the Negotiation
  • Managing the Atmosphere of Negotiation – Establish Common Grounds
  • Observing Customer’s Body Language and Using Body Language to Help You Enhance Your Positioning in Negotiation
  • How to Propose Your Concession Plan in a Persuasive Manner to Gain Customer’s Commitment?
  • Finalizing the Agreement


Mindie Sai

International Sales Trainer & Sales Coach

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