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Many businesses realized the importance of retaining existing customers and getting repeated business from the existing customers but most of them are struggling to build customer loyalty. This workshop provides step-by-step guidance to salespeople on how to ask questions to understand the client’s business, how to analyze the data & think strategically to create a key account action plan to influence the key customers, and building the business partnering relationship. The main objective of the  2-day  workshop is to help the salespeople with better thinking and strategizing ability. In the end, the participants will have one key account action plan to execute after the training.

Course Duration

2 Days

Who Should Attend This Course?

What Will You Learn?

  • Creating a branded account experience to strengthen the business partnering
  • Providing key account managers with a methodology to analyze and better forecast revenue
  • Enhance understanding of specific key accounts
  • Provide key account managers with the better strategizing ability to win over key accounts
  • Dissect actual key accounts using targeted company information
  • Better understand the data and information collected on client organizations
  • Identifying high potential key accounts for planning, strategizing and prioritization

Programme Outline

Module 1: Account Management in the New EconomyObjective: To change the mindset of the Key Account Manager& help them to understand the need of changing their Account Management approach from being an order taker to a business partner
  • The Evolution of Account Management Practices in the 4 Economies
  • Defining Account Management in the New Economy
  • The role of Key Account Manager –Actual Roles vs. Perceived Roles
  • Up-skill Yourself from Order Taker to Business Partner
  Module 2: Creating the Branded Account Management Experience Objective: To help the KAM understand the importance of creating the branded account management experience for your distributors to differentiate yourself from competitors and building business partnering
  • How to Differentiate Yourself Beyond Product Differentiation & Company Logo
  • The 4 Levels of Service Expectations in Account Management
  • Delivering the Branded Client Experience from Business Partnering Aspect
  Module 3: Applying the Account Strategy for Situational Analysis Objective: Using the Key Account Analysis worksheet to guide the participants on how to think strategically and strategizing their selected accounts. To help them better understand what are the indicators to look at in an actual live account they are currently working on, how to identify opportunities, and develop an account action plan.
  1. Identifying the Accounts to a Key Focus Pool
  2. Defining Key Account Effectiveness
  3. Applying Weightings to Key Accounts
  4. Defining the Parameters for Potential
  5. Scoring the Key Account for Attractiveness
  6. Defining Business Strength inEach Account
  7. Score Critical Success Factors
  8. Produce the Account Portfolio Analysis
  9. Outline Objectives and Strategies
  10. Action Plans to Improve Account Success.
  Module 4: Developing Key Account Management Strategies –Business Action Plan Objective: To get the participants to present their key account action plan based on the above preparation. The facilitator will ask questions to drill their thinking and give instant feedback.
  • Positioning the Key Account Management Strategy
  • Establishing the Product Focus and Strategy
  • Managing the Total Key Account Management Strategy


Mindie Sai

International Sales Trainer & Sales Coach

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