Strategic Sales Planning – Planning to Win

About Strategic Sales Planning – Planning to Win

In business, the economic climate is always changing. Most of the time, the changes that take place are caused by external factors we’re powerless to control. Having better-trained salespeople than your competitors is a sure way to have the upper hand. Selling in a difficult economy requires a different approach than during a robust one. Therefore, sales staff needs to equip themselves with different skills when selling in a difficult economy. How to sell on value over price is vital to differentiate your business from competition to actively compete and keep your sales afloat.

Course Duration

2 Days

Who Should Attend This Course?

What Will You Learn?

  • Developing an empowering mindset and attitude to succeed in tough times
  • To learn the strategies on how to grow your business in tough times
  • To learn how to plan and prioritize your sales activities to build a healthy sales pipeline
  • To learn how to do pre-call planning (preparation before every sales meeting) to increase the productivity of every sales meeting.
  • To learn how to create business differentiation in a competitive market
  • To learn how to create value to your customers to increase your sales and increase the customer lifetime value
  • To learn how to transform yourself from a ‘Product-Pusher’ to a trusted ‘Consultant’ to differentiate yourself from competition
  • To learn how to handle different customers’ objections and leading customers to the closing stage
  • To increase the sales conversion rate

Programme Outline

Module 1: Selling In Tough Time – What’s Your Mindset?
  • Experiential Learning Activity: “What Is Your Mindset?”
  • The Economic Cycle
  • What It Takes to Succeed in Tough Times – Competency Battle and Psychology Battle
  • How to Stay Positive & Motivated In Tough Times?
Module 2: Strategic Sales Planning – “Planning to Win”
  • Proven Business Growth Formula
  • Sales Activity Planning – Quantity, Direction & Quality
  • Reverse Sales Planning to Build a Healthy Sales Pipeline
  • Sales Pipeline Analysis – Is Your Sales Pipeline “Healthy”?
  • How to Build a Healthy Sales Pipeline for Short Term and Long-Term Business Success
  • Pre-Call Planning: What to Prepare Before Meeting New Customers & Existing Customers
Module 3: Creating Differentiation in Your Business
  • The Misconception of Value Selling: Unique Selling Points (USP) vs. Points of Difference (PODs)
  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs: Price Is The Only Factor
  • The Value Selling Strategy: How to Avoid Price War Game and Creating Strong Differentiation for Your Business
  • How to Sell Beyond Price and Product Differentiation?
  • How to Magnify Your Value Proposition to Increase Customer Perceived Value
Module 4: Understanding & Creating Customer Needs and Wants
  • Understanding the Different between ‘Customer Request’ and ‘Customer Needs’
  • High Impact Questioning & Probing Skills – To Identify Customer’s Pain Points
  • Discovering Customer’s Logical Needs and Emotional Needs (Fact Finding vs. Fears Finding)
  • Sharpening Your Listening Skills – Listen to Reply vs. Listen to Understand
  • Creating Urgency for Customers to Take Action Using SPIN Selling Model
Module 5: Presenting Your Value Proposition & Price
  • Common Mistakes When Presenting Your Solutions to Potential Customers
  • Steps in Creating a Strong Value Proposition to Differentiate Yourself from Competition
  • How to Present Price & Magnify Your Value Proposition to Increase Customer Perceived Value?
Module 6: Handling Customers’ Objections & Closing Techniques
  • Why Do People Object?
  • Overcome Different Types of Sales Objection – Price Objection, Sceptical, Lack of Urgency and Drawback –Objections (Customer Wants Something That You Can’t Give)
  • Closing Techniques to Secure Sales & Gaining Customer’s Commitment


Mindie Sai

International Sales Trainer & Sales Coach

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