Green Lean Overview

About Green Lean Overview

Going Green is an essential part of attaining ecological sustainability and ensuring a continued and ongoing existence of any business system. Lean Green has the necessary framework and tools to achieve sustainable operations working towards reduced carbon footprint and sustainability. Green Value Stream Mapping is an integrated preventive environmental strategy applied to processes, products, and services to increase overall efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment. Applying the proven philosophy and methodology of Lean, Green Value Stream Management aims to map, identify Green Waste, and work towards creating environmentally safer and sustainable earth. This Two Days training on Green Lean and Green Value Stream Mapping takes you step-by-step in easy to understand language, through a process that greens your value streams by eliminating the seven major environmental wastes. It helps plot a road map to environmental sustainability through Green Lean.

Course Duration

2 Days

Who Should Attend This Course?

What Will You Learn?

  • To save the Environment while reducing Cost
  • To reduce Carbon and Environmental waste
  • To increase Customer Loyalty and Attraction
  • To increase profitability

Programme Outline

Value & Waste
  •  Concepts of Value and Waste and how it affects operations and businesses
  • The Green Concept
  • Green Lean Concepts:
    •  Making Less and what is necessary
    • Achieving Customer value through Green
    • Green Lean operations
  • The Economic and Business Benefits of Going Green
  • The Seven Environmental Waste:
    •  Energy
    • Water
    • Materials
    • Garbage
    • Transportation
    • Emissions
    • Biodiversity
  •  Mapping and understanding Green Value Streams:
    • Current State Maps
    • Measuring Green Waste
    • Diagnostics
    • Future State Maps
  • Achieving a Green State. In pursuit of Perfection
  • Lean Tools and methods that support a green transformation



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