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About Social Media Marketer Professional Course

The social media marketers training can offer value to individuals that wish to become an entrepreneur or freelances/part-timers to earn extra income. Looking at the incremental of unemployment rate especially impacted by COVID 19, and the challenges of fresh graduates to find a job the courses, the courses will be able to immediately equip participants with the knowledge and the skillset for them to start to run a business or to earn extra income with minimal capital. Covid-19 had basically changed the lifestyle and consumer behaviors from offline to online and hence businesses need to transform to the new norms as well in order to sustain the business. The requirement of knowledge & competency of employees skillset would be also different and the basic knowledge of digital marketing had become vital due to the changes. The courses will be able to assist SME employees and employees to learn about digital marketing knowledge to sustain and continue improvement in the business. How well is this program recognized by the industry: This program was recognized by more than 2000 entrepreneurs including some SME business owners as well as individuals. Some of the recognition from RedONE Malaysia & Singapore, JCI Timur Leste, Tourism Malaysia, United & UiTM Any reports/findings on the need for this program especially in the post-MCO situation: The number of unemployed persons went up 48.8% year-on-year (y-o-y) to 778,800 in April. The labor force grew marginally by 0.6% or 99,100 persons to 15.71 million persons in April 2020, the lowest growth since September 2014.  In tandem with this, the working population decreased by 156,400 persons (-1.0%) y-o-y to 14.93 million persons. It was expecting the unemployment rate to hover between 5% and 6% during the MCO period due to the shutdown of the economy which caused many businesses to consolidate their workforces Below is some observation during MCO:
  • Numbers of SME wanted to transform to digital facing challenges due to not equip with well knowledge and skillset
  • The basic knowledge of digital marketing will be an added value when employees seek for a job
  • SME need to convert to digital for long-term sustainable business plan

Course Duration

21 Hours

Who Should Attend This Course?

Company owners and the employees of Small & Medium Enterprises

What Will You Learn?

  • Start to create accounts in social media and marketplace with the right formula to gain traffics
  • Refer to statistic and analytic tools to define keywords for the business. Sign up an account for google my business and register in google map
  • Set up a professional profile on Facebook and Instagram. This assignment will help trainees make a strong professional impression, positioning themself as the perfect applicant.
  • Plan content marketing to reach the right customers. Do poster design and copywriting which follow social media policy
  • To build a network and interact with customers through TikTok live. Through TikTok live, you can promote your products or service.
  • Use Facebook Ads Manager, from beginner basics to advanced techniques, with online video tutorials taught by industry experts.

Programme Outline

Digital Marketing Tools To understand local social media marketing statistic and utilize tools to get more traffic visit websites, stores & marketplace. Search Engine Optimization Learn how’s Google works and choose website to get higher ranking in search results. Facebook and Instagram for Business Marketing The most important tools to get people know your business. A professional profile in social media is a brief summary of your skills, experience and strengths. Strategic Content Marketing A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a well-defined audience, and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. TikTok Personal Branding Learn how to do brand positioning to stand out from competitors. This tools provide trendy functions for you to create contents and video production which will be effective in marketing to increase public’s trust and confident and thus, turn strangers into friends or even customers. Facebook IG Ads Manager Reach Ideal Customers On The World’s Largest Network


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