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First impressions more often than not have the power to influence the course of any interaction. An ‘Image’ managed well, will not only facilitate effective communication but will also leave a powerful and lasting impression. Participants will be imparted knowledge on how non-verbal communication in terms of appearance as well as body language, increases personal confidence, and promotes positive interaction with customers and associates alike. The ‘Professional Presence’ of the individual is also enhanced through the knowledge and practice of modern social and business etiquette.

Course Duration

1 Day

Who Should Attend This Course?

All levels; Individuals seeking personal development and enhancement

What Will You Learn?

This workshop aims to create awareness of each person on the impact of their image and what they are communicating through their image choices. The knowledge and awareness gained will equip the individuals with the tools and soft skills that will give them a slight edge in business as well as in the social environment.

Programme Outline

Module 1: Personal Branding Through Image M1.1:- Projecting a Professional Image
  • Creating an Impact with Your Image
  • The Power of First Impressions
  • Image Audit (Activity)
  • Grooming Standards: Projecting the Desired Professional Image
  • Aligning Your Personal Image with Your Corporations’ Image
M1.2:- Power Dressing for Professionals
  • Wardrobe Suitable for Your Industry
  • Individual Body Types – Vertical & Horizontal
  • Fabrics, Style, and Fit
  • Lines & Designs That Compliment Your Body Type
  • Psychology of Colour – How it Facilitates Communication
M1.3:- Personal Hygiene
  • Perfumes & Scents – Suitability for Day and Night
  • How to Combat Body Odour
  • Halitosis – How to Prevent Bad breath
  • Haircare tips
  • “Manja Money” Regime
Module 2: Personal Branding Through Etiquette M2.1:- Body Talk 101
  • Point of Connection – Face & Eyes
  • How Do I Communicate with My Hands Effectively?
  • Personal Bubble & Spatial Cues – Respecting Personal Spaces
  • Common Gestures & Actions – Across Cultures
  • Matching/Mirroring – Aligning Your Communication
  • Don’t Rush to Conclusions
M2.2:- Business Etiquette
  • First impressions, Lasting Impressions
  • Meetings & Greetings
  • Proper Introduction Techniques – how to introduce yourself & others
  • Presenting your business card
  • Important cultural differences in Business
  • Creating a Professional Presence
  • Tips to remember names



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