MDEC Digital Up Training Registration Form

Program Terms:
1. Applicant has to secure the training by making the full payment before 25th October 2023, 6pm.
2. The class will be conducted with a minimum number of pax of 15 or above only.
3. Applicant will get a full refund if the classroom does not meet the minimum number of pax and the class is cancelled.
4. In any case the applicant attended the class and the application is rejected by MDEC, the applicant will be getting a refund after deducting the administration fee of RM200 from Elev8 with the fulfilment of below criteria:
– Applicant has to attend the full attendance of the class.
– Applicant has to ensure the submission of MDEC Digital Up Track 2 next day after the training.
– Applicant has to ensure all the completed documents required are attached.
– Applicant has to ensure the submission before the deadline of 31 October 2023, 6 pm.
– Applicant has to show proof of rejection by MDEC (If rejected).
5. Each applicant can only attend one course and get reimbursed by MDEC.

Our training consultant will contact you within the same or the next working day to confirm your course schedule and provide guidance for registration on the MDEC Digital Up platform.