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j. Ramesh Victor

Our Lean Consultant, Mr. J Ramesh Victor, has more than 20 years of experience consulting and has helped companies worldwide rise to achieve their full potential.

Operational Excellence through lean







Excess Headcount


Space Utilization


On-Time Delivery

* Known financial savings for clients exceeds RM 500,000,000 in total.

Success Case

MNC Manufacturer

The Challenge

  • Cannot meet time to volume
  • Inventory control problems
  • High machine downtime
  • Loss of business due to factors above

Our Solutions

Six-month engagement at clients shoop-floor identifying improvement opportunities and coaching improvement teams through hands-on activities.


  • Increased throughput by 21%
  • Reduced downtime by 40%
  • Financial savings: RM72,000,000

The Challenge

  • Very high lead time from order processing to shipment (about 20 days)
  • High raw material inventory

Our Solutions

Two weeks of training & projects mentoring at shop-floor.


  • Reduced machine setup by 50%
  • Increased machine OEE
  • Financial savings: RM177,000

Success Case

SME Manufacturer

Success Case

Automotive parts manufacturer

The Challenge

  • Very long lead time
  • High inventory level

Our Solutions

  • Value stream improvement coaching
  • Shop-floor Kaizen projects


Reduced inventory by 30% leading to an estimated savings of RM3,000,000.

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about j.ramesh victor

Major Consulting Experience

Provided consultancy and assessment services to small SME & Fortune 500 clients in operational excellence resulting in:

  • Reduced Cycle Time & Lead Time
  • Increasing Plant/machine capacity without adding capital investment
  • Reducing Operational Waste
  • Reducing Inventory
  • Quality Improvement
  • Cost Reduction amounting to Millions of Dollars
  • Reducing Changeover time
  • Setting Up Improvement Operating Systems
  • Introducing and managing Supplier Lean Initiatives
  • Improving machine performance through TPM
  • Warehouse Improvement
  • Total savings estimated over USD 500,000,000

Industries Consulted and provided training for: manufacturing, oil and gas, banks, hospitals, insurance and more all over Asia and in USA.

Major Trainings Conducted

Trained more than 10,000 people, certified more than 500 persons as Lean Masters and more than 200 persons as Six Sigma Yellow Belts. Numerous training conducted to groups (ranging from 5 to 35 persons) from production operator to Company VP level throughout Asia and in the USA.  Some of the training conducted from 2002 – current date

  • Lean Tools training:
    • Value Stream Mapping, Setup Time Reduction, Standardized Work. Kanban, Total Productive Maintenance, Theory of Constraints, Concepts of Toyota Production System, Lean Diagnostics, Visual Systems, 5S, JIT concepts, Performance Metrics, Lean & Cellular Layouts, Takt Time and flow management, Error Proofing (Poka yoke) and other Lean Tools
  • Lean Masters Certification Training
  • Theory of Constraint Boot Camp for Company MDs and senior executives
  • Theory of Constraint- Complex Problem Solving
  • Logical Thinking skills
  • Theory of Constraints- Critical Chain Project Management
  • Theory of Constraint – Bottleneck and Buffer Management
  • Value Stream Mapping Sessions
  • Lean & Theory of Constraints for Hotel, Hospitals, Banks, Construction & Administrative areas
  • Toyota Kata & Toyota Production System
  • Training Within Industry (TWI)
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean & Design Thinking for Hospitals
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • SPC, QC Tools
  • Problem Solving & QC Tools
  • Hoshin Kanri – Strategy
  • Leadership & Appreciative Inquiry
  • Public Speaking & Effective Management Communication
  • Management Skills
  • Effective Meetings
  • Facilitation
  • Youth Leadership
  • Design Thinking & Breakthrough Innovation
  • Strategic Planning
  • VUCA World Leadership
  •  and more…

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consultancy and assessment services to small SME & Fortune 500 clients

60 minutes Consultation Session with Lean expert

Business Strategy review for profitability

Reduce Operational Cost

Reduce operational cost to increase your profit. Our consultant with review and analyse the opportunity for you.

Increase Productivity

Productivity is the core of any business. Review with our Consultant to find out any improvement opportunity.

Lean Assessment

A special tool caters to business. With this Lean Assessment, your team can analyze the Lean performance periodically.

what's included in the session

60 Minutes of Consultation

Prior for these industry




This session is highly recommended for Company’s Management only. Please ensure that they are of the following positions or have similar job scopes so that your company will be able to really benefit from the session.

  • Business Owner
  • C-Levels of the company
  • Director, Vice President, Chairman
  • Operation Manager, Finance Manager, Production Managers, Business Development Manager, HR Manager

To make the session more effective, we suggest not more than 5 persons should attend the session. 

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