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how to sell
in tough times

Selling in a difficult economy requires a different approach than during a robust one. You can’t use the same selling approach over and over again and expecting to achieve different sales results. Because the same old behaviour brings the same old results.

7th & 8th october, puchong | hrdf claimable

How to Sell in tough times: “be a game changer”

Who Should Attend

Business Owners


Sales Managers

Sales Supervisors

Sales Professionals

Learning Outcomes

Clearer Direction

Have a clearer direction how to achieve their sales target

Sales Strategies

Learn the strategies how to grow their business in tough times

Create Differentiation

Create business differentiation to compete with competitors and to address the market needs

Increase Profits

Sell value instead of price to increase business profits

Win-Win Outcomes

Learn how to create value to different segments of customers for win-win outcomes


Be a trustworthy businessman or individual that bring value to customers

Create Customer's Needs

Know how to create customer’s needs and market demand towards their products and services

Create Curiousity

Learn how to create customer’s curiosity and interest in cold calling

Without Being Pushy

Understand customer buying psychology and how to persuade customers without being pushy

Handle Objections

Learn how to handle different types of customer’s objections and turn it into opportunity

Program Outline

Introduction: What It Takes to Succeed In Tough Times?

  • The Economic Cycle: The Good News and Bad News
  • What It Takes to Succeed In Tough Times?
  • The Evolution of Selling

Module 1: Strategic Sales Planning

  • Finding Your Business Direction & Sales Strategies to Achieve Your Sales Target
    • How to Increase Your Sales?
    • How to Grow Your Business with Existing Customers?
    • How to Find New Customers?
  • How to Accelerate Your Sales?

Module 2: Creating Business Differentiation In Competitive Market

  • Discovering Your Fears & Limiting Mindset When Fighting On Price War Game
  • How to Sell When Your Price Is Not the Lowest?
  • How to Sell When Your Products Don’t Have Much Differentiation?
  • The Value Selling Strategy: How to Avoid Price War Game and Creating Strong Differentiation for Your Business
  • How to Handle Price Objections?

Module 3: Creating Market Demands and Customer’s Needs

  • The Mangoes Story – Creating Market Demands
  • Necessity Goods vs. Non-Necessity Goods
  • Order Taker vs. Order Creator
  • Business Case Studies Sharing
  • 4 Strategies In Creating Market Demands and Customer’s Needs

Module 4: Sales Prospecting Skills

  • How to Create Customer’s Curiosity & Interest?
  • Effective Call Techniques to Secure Critical Appointment or Virtual Meeting
  • How to Handle Uninterested Customers?

Module 5: Understanding Your Customer’s Psychology & Creating Customer’s Needs & Urgency

  • What Are the NEEDS of Your Customers?
  • How to Differentiate Customer’s Request and Customer’s Needs?
  • Why ‘Telling Approach’ Doesn’t Work In Persuading Your Customers?
  • How to Get Your Customers Persuade Themselves?

Module 6: Presenting Your Value Proposition & Handling Customer’s Objections

  • Feature Selling vs. Benefits Selling vs. Fear Selling
  • How to Present Price to Increase Customer’s Perceived Value?
  • Common Mistakes In Handling Customer’s Objections
  • Overcome Different Types of Sales Objection – Price Objection, Sceptical, Lack of Urgency and Drawback Objections (Customer Wants Something That You Can’t Give)

Training Methodology

  • Interactive & Fun Learning with Short lecture
  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Sales Role-Plays
  • Feedbacks and Coaching from the Trainer
  • Group Brainstorming Session
  • Value Selling Methodology
  • SPIN Selling Methodology
  • Sales Planning Templates

Mindie Sai

International Sales Trainer & Sales Coach

  • Certified Professional Trainer by Western Kentucky University (USA)
  • Certified NLP Coach by American Board of NLP (ABNLP)
  • Certified Language and Behavior Profile Practitioner (LAB Profile)
  • Certified Trainer of DISC by Everything DISC®
  • Certified Practitioner of Learning Game Design by North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA)
  • Certified Trainer by HRDF (Malaysia)
  • Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™
  • Certified Practitioner of Hypnosis
  • Achieved Top Sales Performer from 2008 – 2010
  • Successfully helped many sales organization increase sales revenue and profits
  • Shared the stage with an international sales legend and mentor of the mentor, Mitch Carson from USA
  • Been interviewed by Radio Station and TV Station in Manila, Philippines

“Dear Mindie, I am happy to share with you that our sales performance had sustainable improving since past months. Thanks to your works!”

Lim Kian Chin

Managing Director – Malaysia

“I have learned very useful tools to be implement in my daily task beat it for professional or personal.”


TIME dotCom Berhad

“She is absolutely a
professional sales coach to give you IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT when you attend her training. I have witnessed it personally. The way she conducts her sales training is very different from other trainers. it's very creative and she makes you think out of the box. If your employees have an issue how to close sales, she is definitely your best choice to look for. Highly recommended!”

Rachel Lee

LMF International Language Academy

Get Yourself or Your Team to Another Height

Date: 7th & 8th October 2020

Time: 9am – 5pm

Venue: Puchong (TBA)

Cost: RM1500 per pax, RM2700 for 2 pax (Meal included)

Contact: +60 11-1088 8118


How to sell in tough times: "Be a game changer"

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