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Data Source: Boston Consulting Group

< 5% of companies are harnessing on the power of Lean & Industry 4.0 to achieve continual growth in profitability and customer value creation.


Malaysian Manufacturing companies are expected to become that top 5% by implementing every tool and technique they can get their hands on. But still, it is an upwards battle to achieve excellence. 

Common Challenges faced by manufacturers to successfully transform their organization

Lack of Skilled People

Lack of knowledge on latest methodologies

Company culture

employee resistance

Source: Barriers to Implement Lean Manufacturing in Malaysian Automotive Industry

There is a one stop solution to overcome these challenges and the answer is Lean Management 


They were one of the earlier companies to pioneer Lean by successfully transitioning from a company that produces looms to producing automobiles. Today they or one of the top automotive manufacturer’s in the world and the concept of Lean is interchangeable with their very own Toyota Production System. 


In the early 90’s, Nike faced a global boycott due to the deplorable conditions in their factories.

Using the power of lean, they were able to transform the working conditions in their factories and reduce noncompliance to labor laws by 15% in a short period of time. 


In efforts to increase growth and profitability, UEM Edgenta has their very own LEAN Program. 

While focusing on healthcare and technology, they have already seen a jump in 21,8% of after-tax profit. 

Lean Manufacturing

Achieving Gold Standard Manufacturing

Want to increase productivity and the quality of your product while reducing cost? This is not a dream. With Lean, anything is possible.

The three pillars of Lean

Continuous Improvement

You must never feel too comfortable with your current situation and look for opportunities to improve. Lean pushes an organization out of their comfort zone to try new methods in order to achieve their full potential.


Reap profit by becoming more customer-centric. Lean encourages an organization to walk a mile in the shoes of their customers to become more profitable by providing the right offering.

eliminate waste

So many activities are going on everyday, but how many of those activities actually add value to the customer? Lean reassure organizations to do away with processes that don’t add significant value. 

Organizational Excellence Formula

Based on the concept of Lean, everyone should dissect and analyse your organization based on this formula. Ensure each sector is operating in a Lean manner and you should be in tip top shape!


Having the skills, motivation, vision, strategy, and charisma to engage and move all levels of employees in an organization towards achieving continual success, growth and sustainability


Ability to achieve operational excellence and innovation culture, and provide a customer-value-centered product which generates high and growing profitability to the organization


Fully engaging a highly motivated and empowered workforce who are driving value, innovation, and profits for the organization thus, enabling the people to become the back-bone of excellence


Supporting and working towards a sustainable earth. Reducing environmental hazards and carbon footprints. Being responsible in innovation and achieving  green operations

Operational excellence competency assessment

A result-driven solution

The Operational Excellence Competency Assessment is a professionally designed, competency-based assessment that is based on the concept of Lean Management and the Organizational Excellence Formula. Help your employees have a better understanding of themselves and learn what is needed to maintain a system that enables streamlined operations, motivated and competent employees, and environmentally conscious business practices.

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Assess Your team, make them lean

The science behind a competency-based assessment is simple enough. It is there to asses if an employee is able to do their task and how well they can do it. The Operational Excellence Competency Assessment is a practical and the content is designed according to Lean standard by our Lean Master Trainer team. When fully utilized, a competency-based assessment system can do wonders for your organization.


Competency Based

All we need to know is if your employees have the competency to do the task or not. Easily identify what they need to master in order to achieve excellence.

We are Specialist in Learning & Developement

We specialize in learning  & we strive to bring the most efficient learning solution to our clients that fulfills  their needs in every aspect of learning related matters such as Corporate Training Program, e-learning Platform, Competency Assessment & Development of Learning Management System

Build Lean Culture

Many organizations find it difficult to adopt the Lean Culture because they lack guidance. This Assessment can act as a foundation and assist you in your journey to beome a Lean Fighting Machine.

We Provide an End-to-End solution

Training your employees can be a difficult thing to do. Our assessment can help you to outline the training you need to provide and when it come to looking for a comprehensive training program, we are able to point you in the direction of world-class trainers.

Designed by Experts

This assessment is the result of year and year of research by a team of highly train Lean Masters. They have helped transform multiple big organizations.

Training Needs Analysis Made Easy

User Friendly

Doing this test is easy! Your employees will need about 30 mins. All they have to do is rank each statement based on a scale of 0 to 5.

Immediate & Comprehensive Report

Your Employees will not have to wait for their results as they will receive it immediately after taking the test. Once they are done, your Employees will receive a thorough report on their areas of strength and areas they need to focus on. Their report also contains a list of recommended training for you to take in

Internal Management System

Keep Team supervisors and the HR Department in the loop about your employee’s performance. They will also receive a custom account specially designed to manage their employees accounts and assessments.

Analytic Dashboard

Get an overview of your organization performance in one glance. Your dashboard will provide you with data and analytics you need to make necessary decisions. 

Employee Wish list

Stop guessing. Now your employees can clearly indicate the training that they are excited about by adding it to their wish list. All you need to do is provide it to them. 

Course Recommendation

We understand that providing training is quite the investment. Thus, it is important to get it right and provide the training that your employees actually need. Base your selection on our list of recommended courses and see actual returns on your investments. 

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It will take about 30 minutes to complete.

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They will receive the report right after they complete the assessment.

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